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I’m Bianca, and I would like to personally thank you for snuggling up into our positive Space of doers and co-creators. We’ve all been gifted one life and my job is to encourage you to follow your heart compass towards independence and happiness.

Welcome to Forever Eye Love Atlanta, an LGBTQIA-welcoming lifestyle website encouraging women to make empowering choices over their lives. I put a pause on what I thought was my path to becoming a certified anesthesiologist assistant to start my blog with no previous experience in freelance writing.

Join me on my journey as I help you help me help us cope with our mental illnesses to live lives we’re worthy of enjoying.

You can expect weekly content on well-being, Business, destinations, Beauty, Technology, or Home Decor. I hope that you’ll share your stories too!

  Bianca Worthy, Founder of Forever Eye Love Atlanta

Bianca Worthy, Founder of Forever Eye Love Atlanta