Friends of Jack

Jack Daniel's, Jameson, & Macallan were my primary choices when I was first introduced to "dark liquor", and Jack is still my go to spirit when having a night on the town. I know how Jack tastes and how strong it should be if I so choose to mix it. It gives me peace of mind when I'm not familiar with the bartender.


Its hint of sweetness makes it a great alternative to Crown Royal or Four Roses, and Old No. 7 has never failed me in getting the party started. I've sipped on Gentleman Jack, Tennessee Honey, the original Old No. 7, and Tennessee Fire, so I was elated to try their Single Barrel Select options at the Whiskies of the World expo. 


SINGLE BARREL SELECT ( ~$46.99 depending on the region)

  • 47% abv
  • Great alternative for Old No. 7 regulars
  • Robust flavor with notes of vanilla and toasted oak
  • Best sipped neat or with a whiskey sphere

TENNESSEE HONEY (~$19.99 depending on the region)

  • 35% abv
  • Blended with Old No. 7 for a sweet, smooth flavor
  • Best sipped in a hot toddy, on the rocks, or with lemonade
  • Great for whiskey novices that prefer flavored spirits

GENTLEMAN JACK ( ~$25.99 depending on the region)

  • 40% abv
  • Very smooth due to its double charcoal mellowing process
  • Best sipped with coke or in a whiskey sling
  • Plays well with others 

TENNESSEE FIRE ( ~$19.99 depending on the region)

  • 35% abv
  • Best sipped in a hot toddy or as a chilled shooter
  • Great alternative to Fireball

I can't wait to try their new Winter Jack cider for my hot toddy and holiday sips! Become a Friend of Jack to be the first to know about new product releases and their enthralling events in Atlanta.