Ethics Statement


All of the opinions expressed on my blog and channel are solely my own and 100% honest. I will never post an event that I would not attend myself, if I could be everywhere at once. I have chosen to blog because I'm passionate about my city's options & excited for the progress I've seen in Atlanta over the last 11 years.  I have had the pleasure of discovering some amazing gems throughout Georgia, & I love recommending things to see & do just as much as I love entertaining my friends in my tree house. Whether I am able to earn money from this or not, & the fact that I can (from time to time) makes me continuously grateful. I'm under no illusions that it's thanks to you and your continuous kindness and support. I have to make a living like everyone else, but it's incredibly important to me that anyone who reads my blog knows that I'm driven not by money, but for a love of what I do. 

I hope to build a honest & sincere relationship with my readers, & hope that everyone feels safe while exploring through my space. We can share some giggles & swap tips, but don't get cute. This sweet tea can turn into a whiskey neat real quick.  

PR Samples

Whether I bought the items that you see on my blog myself or they were sent by a company as a PR sample, I will treat the item as if I've paid for it with my own money. There are no exceptions to that rule, so that I may keep Forever Eye Love Atlanta completely fair and unbiased.  I will never recommend anything to my audience that I would not purchase at the full-price myself. I will only accept samples if I genuinely would like to try them &/or think the product would be of interest to my audience. I will never accept items on a 'product in return for review' basis, so if a company wants guaranteed exposure on my blog for the item they're offering to send, I will decline. I'm never obliged to feature anything on Forever Eye Love Atlanta, and my unwavering rule on the treatment of items guarantees that my opinion is never affected by how I obtained them. Absolutely everything I speak about on my blog channel is by choice & at my sole discretion. 



If I choose to feature any sponsored content on Forever Eye Love Atlanta it will always be after serious consideration, & only if I deem the sponsorship suitable & fair. It must be something I truly love, I would spend my own money on purchasing, &  is relevant to my audience. My readers are always at the forefront of my mind when making these decisions, & no amount of money could ever make me feature anything that I would not buy & recommend to a friend. Sponsored content will always be clearly stated and in compliance with ASA guidelines. All opinions are 100% my own, honest and genuine. 

Affiliate Marketing/Advertising

From time to time, Forever Eye Love Atlanta will use affiliate links in blog posts & social media. This means that I'm able to earn a small amount of commission from items bought through them. My links that involve promo codes are affiliate links. Purchasing something via an affiliate link on does not add any additional cost to you but there is no pressure or obligation to use my links - if you prefer, google is your best friend & the world is at your fingertips. 

Content & Plagiarism

Content on was created by the owner and author of this blog (Bianca Worthy), unless otherwise stated. Without my express and written permission no content (words, images, etc.) from Forever Eye Love Atlanta may be used or duplicated.


*If you have any questions about my ethics statement or disclaimer, please do not hesitate to email me from the links below. Cheers!