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Let's be serious for just a moment ladies. Who is honestly throwing out their mascara every three months? I'll wait...

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According to a study presented by Popsugar, 89 percent of women hoard old makeup "just in case", and only one in five of us throws away mascara within the recommended three months. Read more on their site for ways to keep track of when to toss that gunky, funky smelling shit out.

I enjoy wearing eyelash extensions mainly because the chemicals in most mascaras irritate my contacts. Strip lashes are more economical, but they look like windshield wipers on your eyelids, & pull on your delicate peepers. As I approach 30, I'm even more conscious of how much I pull & tug on that area. I found Blink by B. on Groupon, & gave her a call to see if she would honor the advertised price instead of purchasing the deal.

I am not a fan of Groupon, so I skrt skrt on them religiously.

She was running a special on a natural set, so I quickly booked my appointment for that upcoming Saturday morning. She was in a studio in my neighborhood, but it has recently closed. I have since opted for her mobile services because who doesn't like house calls? Three weeks later I wanted to get a fresh set for my graduation, and she had no problem taking off my existing set to give me more volume and length for my big day. She suggested the Honey Bee set, as I still wanted something more natural looking. Two weeks after that I got a refill just to be sure that I wouldn't come back home bald after my two-week backpacking trip through the Georgia mountains and south Georgia sand dunes. Otherwise, I probably could have pushed my refill out for 3-4 weeks. I know, I was being OD af, but I like what I like okurrr!

I am loving the lash extensions that Bernice applied. These soft mink lashes are full without looking gaudy. She was very professional in listening to the looks that I wanted, & executing it perfectly. Sometimes you don't get asked, & technicians will give you whatever with whatever they have. There has been very little shedding, which makes it even more worth my coins (the last technician I saw, I felt the need to go back weekly to every other week).

If you aren't familiar with eyelash extensions, it is a meticulous process in which silk, mink, or synthetic eyelashes are semi-permanently applied individually to your real eyelashes with a medical grade adhesive. Your esthetician will recommend a range of lengths, number of lashes to be applied, and extension shape according to your lifestyle needs. They typically last anywhere between 2-4 weeks before needing to get them refilled, depending on your natural hair loss and level of physical activity. They must be professionally removed or allowed to fall out naturally with the cycle of your lash growth. I've had a full set last for two whole months with proper care, which leads me to some tips & tricks to keep your natural lashes looking picture perfect between getting fill-ins.


Do NOT pull on your lashes or attempt to remove them. They WILL damage your lashes & create gaps for future applications.

Do NOT constantly expose them to moisture. Swimming and sitting in saunas is fine, but you may experience less retention.

Do NOT use oil-based products near your lashes if you want to prolong them. (I break this rule, but I don't personally experience excessive shedding from it.)

Do NOT use regular mascara on your eyelash extensions. They will damage your lashes & leave them crusty.

Do NOT wear eyeliner every single day.

Do NOT sleep on your stomach.



Do stand away from the shower stream & steam.

Do use a hand towel to wash your face instead of splashing.

Do bring your contact case to store your contacts during services. You don't know how sensitive you will be to the glue.

 Do brush your lashes daily to keep them from going all over the place.

Do wear makeup as you normally would.

Do take a lash nap, as services take 60 - 120 minutes.

Do SLAY with a more natural look than strip lashes.

I can honestly say, "I woke up like this!". Other than the essential brows, concealer, cheeks, and lips, I honestly don't feel the need to apply more than a tinted moisturizer versus full-coverage foundation. This Georgia heat isn't forgiving for a daily beat anyway. I do occasionally use eyeliner, and Boscia's Charcoal Makeup Melter removes every particle without sacrificing my lashes' wear (use at your own risk bc it does contain oil). Step up your glow up ladies and add this beauty service to you waxing, hair, and makeup budget. No one wants their lashes disappearing when they take a dip in the pool or ocean.

What beauty services do you think are a necessary indulgence? What are your hesitations? Comment below on beauty services that you've tried, or are considering trying.

Originally posted June 13, 2017. Updated August 9, 2018.

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