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“If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows much more easily.” - Jack Canfield

We’re in a New Media Age where YouTube University is begging us to be seekers of information needed to survive and thrive. It’s in everyone’s best interest to hang onto these influencer’s and expert’s every word of advice to avoid their mistakes, dot those contractual i’s, and cross the t’s past the 66% of new business that fail within the first ten years of business.

Allowing imposter syndrome to set in is not an option in 2019, so we’ve put together a list of nine personal and business goals to propel you towards establishing trackable habits that your future self will be thankful that you implemented today.

Setting Productivity Goals

Productivity Goals Summary

1. Hold yourself accountable

Commit the same energy to your dreams as you do when you’re working to sustain someone else’s empire from 9-to-5.

You can start by committing to one hour a day when you get off work, during your lunch, on the weekends, etc. We make time for what’s important to us. If it’s not important for you to create a legacy for your family, then you won’t have the willpower to keep going. There’s no magic pill or secret to being motivated. Just do the work! One day at a time.

2. Sundays are for reviewing goals

Open Google Calendar and schedule time for self-care, lunch with friends, meal prepping, house chores, volunteering, a solo date, and anything else that will feed your mind, body, and spirit. It’s important to stay balanced just as much as it is to be efficient.

Now is the time to decide what’s most important for you to accomplish for the week.

Three goals should be the focus to get you one step closer to the life of your dreams. They will keep you focused for the week by breaking these goals down into smaller, manageable tasks.

3. Establish ideal daily routines

You know that feeling when you have a million ideas running through your mind, 3 deadlines that must be met by Friday, 5 emails that need a response, and is that you Thursday? As a solopreneur, it’s very easy to fall victim to procrastination, triggered by the overwhelming feeling of “where do I begin?”.

Do yourself a favor to decrease that anxiety by planning the next day the night before. Scheduling out the entire week in advance can become overwhelming with ALL THE THINGS that must be completed by week’s end. Take note of how calm and less frazzled your morning routine (or afternoon, no judgment) becomes when you know how you’re starting and flowing with your day.

Photo by  bruce mars  on  Unsplash

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Methodically get through your day-to-day by implementing the Pomodoro technique. If you’re new to dividing tasks into manageable chunks, the TomatoTimer is a great tool that utilizes the Pomodoro technique to complete tasks in 25 minute chunks.

Decide which blocks of time are non-negotiable for rescheduling and distractions. If you know that phone calls, social media, and texting will test and distract you for three hours because you have no self control, then turn it off. PERIOD.

People will be threatened by your new set of boundaries, and that’s okay for your self-growth. If you deem necessary, quickly text your partner, friend, or parents this prompt, “Hey! If you’re try to reach me within the next hour, I won’t be able to respond. I’m not in danger, and I’ll respond to your message or voicemail when I can.” If they respect you, they’ll understand and not question your need to disconnect and maintain boundaries.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin

4. Develop a business plan

Do you have a business plan? That will be the guiding light to what type of content, services, or products you’ll be providing. Without a lean business plan, you may find yourself constantly cycling through self-doubt and misdirection.

The set of values and mission you set for your business will set the tone for the longevity of your organization. You can then set business goals for content, traffic, engagement, monetization, productivity, design, and/or tech. Develop your business plan in as little as a day with The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Business Plan Tool.

5. Create trust through consistency

As a solopreneur, it can be difficult to publish more than twice a week with all of the other hats you’re wearing to sustain your business. A strong level of commitment to a content calendar, which you can set through Google Calendar, is required to attract leads and potentially convert them into loyal fans.

As your customers get to know your brand through you regularly providing them with informational, entertaining, or teachable content, they’ll come back when they know what days to expect to hear from you.

6. Stick to your content calendar

It’s one thing to set up your content calendar. It’s another thing entirely to actually implement strategies and schedule social media posts. Ell Duclos, boss blogger and Pinterest ninja, shares in her boss girl bloggers community how to increase your blog post shares through Tweetdeck and Tailwind. It will be a huge load off your weekend to schedule your content ahead of time.

Did you know that fashion bloggers shoot multiple outfits on Saturday mornings to have content for a whole week or more?! Now you know.

Photo by  Content Pixie  on  Unsplash

7. Rest is mandatory

The National Sleep Foundation recommends most healthy adults get seven to nine hours of sleep each night. While this number varies across age and is impacted by health and lifestyle, they determined over a two year research that new sleep ranges and categories were needed to acknowledge the individual variability in appropriate sleep duration for optimal health.

The foundation recommends assessing your habits and individual needs and noting your mood and energy after different amounts of sleep to see how you feel after a poor night of rest versus a good night.

8. Commit to daily meditation

Developing a meditation practice can help to reduce stress, manage anxiety and depression. Not only will you reap the benefits of being a happier person, people will also enjoy being in your company. Five to fifteen minutes of meditation as soon as you wake up in the morning (or afternoon, no judgment) can lead to a calmer peace of mind to give you clarity throughout your day.

Yoga extraordinaire Yoga with Adriene encourages us to “get comfortable in the stillness” and “find what feels good” daily. if you can’t commit to a full 45-60+ minute session, you can start with quick yoga routines less than twenty minutes a day. Your self-care is worth being

9. Mobile Business Apps

The best marketers have tools and techniques at their fingertips to run their small business on the go. Some of the best productivity apps in the App Store include:

  • Evernote

  • Quik - GoPro Video Editor

  • Google Drive

  • Google Analytics

  • Zoom Cloud Meetings

  • Flora - Focus Habit Tracker

  • Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

  • Acorns: Invest Spare Change

  • Google Calendar: Time Planner

  • Adobe Lightroom

Bonus goal: Stop comparing yourself to others. It only keeps you four steps behind instead of six steps ahead.

Life is ultimately what you make of it. At any time, you can pull from your strengths and online resources to change the trajectory of your life.

While learning about entrepreneurship and blogging is a trial by fire style that forces you to quickly implement new strategies, being grateful for lifelong learning is the true key to happiness.

Every month you can expect examples of smart business and personal goals to increase productivity through your first five years of growth. 2020 is peeking over the horizon, but there’s still time to put your stamp on 2019. You can be in a completely different place in life with six months of regular, focused work on developing your craft.

Let me know in the comments below…

  1. Can you commit to showing up for your SMART goals?

  2. Do you have your daily routine written down?

  3. Which dreams keep you motivated week after week?

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