Stop + Smell the Four Roses

Thanks in part to working in the restaurant industry, I've been familiar with Four Roses for a few years now. I sip on Four Roses Small Batch as an alternative to Crown Royal or Jack Daniel's, so I'll sip it with coke or in a Kentucky Mule. I had the opportunity to get a little more personal with the brand when I attended the Whiskies of the World expo in Atlanta, and I'm so glad that I did! Four Roses is a Kentucky straight bourbon brand that has expressions to satisfy most taste palates.


FOUR ROSES YELLOW LABEL (~ $17.99 depending on your region) 

  • 80 proof

  • Great entry-level bourbon for newbies

  • lightly spiced + smooth, with a hint of honey

  • Great for a highball; e.g. whiskey sour, whiskey + ginger(ale/beer), or fruit punch


FOUR ROSES SMALL BATCH (~ $30.99 depending on your region) 

  • 90 proof

  • Best suited for a classic Manhattan or similarly spirit-forward cocktail

  • Smooth, lingering finish

  • Spicy with a hint of caramel and sweet oak


FOUR ROSES SINGLE BARREL(~ $37.99 depending on your region)

  • 100 proof

  • Best enjoyed on a whiskey sphere

  • Complexly woody, full-bodied bourbon with a longer lasting, spicy finish

WOW_ guest_1.jpg

Want to try Four Roses and it's not available in your area? Don't be afraid to ask your local clerk to stock it for you, or explore the brand's where to purchase list. If you're ever traveling near Lawrenceburg, KY, carve out a day to visit their distillery and engulf yourself in their history.