What's Your Vernacular?


Welcome to the neighborhood Vernacular! We're very glad to have you. If Madewell & Anthropologie had a baby, it would be Vernacular. Described as "East Coast classic with a West Coast vibe" the affordable boutique has a wide range of options that they source from private designers. Ohio-based owners Kris & Chelsea are a husband and wife duo that opened this sole Georgia post in mid-March, & have had me hooked since day one.

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From pool floats to woman-on-the-go cookbooks to greeting cards, this store pretty much has decorating your haven & date night needs covered. Don't forget to take a gander at their crazy affordable shoes next to the register to complete that 'fit. They offer candles galore from brands like Voluspa that smell divine.


If it were up to me, my place would be covered in candles of various sizes, scents, & hues. The quality of the clothing at those price points is definitely worth coming back weekly as they receive new styles. Most of the items I have purchased are composed of thinly woven fabrics that breathe in the Georgia heat & humidity. They have a plethora of wrap dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, & maxis that won't break the bank to keep you looking chic for happy hour & fêtes.


It's all private label designers, so I HIGHLY recommend spending a little extra time trying on items. I have purchased items ranging from a size XS to L. They don't receive XS in all items, so stay open to trying different sizes. Go ahead and try on that size small if you're a petite girl or have a little extra junk in ya trunk. You just might surprise yourself! The boob area tends to be a tad off in some of their pieces, but I wouldn't mind altering them to fit my body perfectly. (I'll save my rant on altering mass-produced clothing to fit your body another day).  


Vernacular also does not sell belts if you want to see how that cute shirt dress will look cinched in at the waist, so bring your own or use a necklace to simulate the effect. If you're looking for some extra encouragement in the body positivity department, Vernacular has you covered there too!

What local shops and boutiques do you enjoy supporting in your community?

Thank you for reading. Have a Worthy week!



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