Life Goals: New Year Resolutions to Gain Confidence


“If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows much more easily.” - Jack Canfield

Hello 2019… too soon? We’re a little more than 50 days out from the new year, and I for one am embracing this time with open arms of gratitude. While this past year has presented its fair share of challenges, even my darkest of days have helped push and nudge me towards establishing healthier habits that my future self will be thankful I started today.

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I’m coming for you 2020!

Our twitter friend Olli shared her November goals, and reading them encouraged me to take a moment to reflect. While I’m still learning how to master the art of posting consistently, I’m excited to learn more about blogging trial by fire style every day. Lifelong learning is the key to my happiness. Many successful entrepreneurs are sharing their stories on these innanets, around the globe at conferences, and in your neighborhood restaurant at branded info sessions. We’re hanging onto their every word of advice to avoid some mistakes, dot those i’s, and cross our t’s.

I’m grateful for my journey through 2018. I visited Los Angeles for the first time and came back home with a dose of perspective. I went on my first solo trip to New York City, and released expectations in Le Bain to the vibes set by Osunlade. I’m still enjoying writing a little over a year after choosing this path, and I rocked out with my heart out to N.E.R.D. here in Atlanta at AFROPUNK Music Festival. Who knows if this year has hit me with its best shot, but I think it’s safe to report that I’m disrupting my mental war.

It sometimes puts me on edge just thinking about altering my plans, and who wants to live like that? Not me, that’s for sure. I”m ready to submerge my entire being into the unknown adventures of being a freelance writer and badass queer boss of an entrepreneur.

I want to hold myself more accountable and commit the same energy to my dreams as I do when I’m working to sustain someone else’s empire.

So without further ado, here are three resolutions that I’m committed to implementing into my life to become a more confident person.

Three career goals to boost your self esteem




Create a daily routine

You know that feeling when you have a million ideas running through your mind, 5 deadlines that must be met by Friday, 3 emails that need a response, and is that you Thursday? As a solopreneur, it’s very easy to fall victim to procrastination triggered by the overwhelming feeling of “where do I begin?”.

I overwhelm very easily… like if someone pulls up behind me when I’m trying to park I begin to panic, type of overwhelmed. I definitely tend to have more energy towards the end of the week, but I want to work on being productive seven out of seven days of the week.

One strategy that I’ve been using to decrease my anxiety has been to plan the next day the night before. I tried scheduling out the entire week in the past, but then I overwhelmed myself with ALL THE THINGS that must be completed by week’s end. I’m less frazzled when I know how I’m starting my day and that my breaks are already scheduled in an semi non-negotiable time slot.

Mondays are dedicated to self care, and I don’t mean pampering ourselves with facials and beauty treatments. We schedule time to meditate, journal, dance, garden, cook, clean and anything else that feeds our spirit in 30 minute chunks at a time. It’s important that I make time for my mind, body, and soul to be balanced.

Tuesdays are for tasks.

Flipping through my ADAC notepad full of goals, I decide on three for the week. Since we’re usually still all zen from the previous day, I like to couple this peaceful wave with easier tasks that I can knock out quickly.

Easing into a little Wednesday motivation, I double down on loving myself and finalizing plans for the weekend. Outlines ready to be drafted? Check. Social media images ready to be scheduled? Double check!

Thursday through Saturday is boss mode where I methodically finish tasks that need to be completed before Sunday. I’m reading and commenting on at least two pieces of other bloggers’s content, scheduling social media posts through Tailwind, and engaging on Pinterest boards over the weekend.

What’s a weekend? We can pop champagne, co-work, and chill on my big comfy couch any day.




Create trust through consistency

My goal for 2019 is to have fresh content on the website three times a week. It can be difficult to produce that level of content as a solopreneur, and I think it may be slightly easier as I transition into vlogging over blogging. Let’s see if we can have posts hot and ready at midnight EST on Sundays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays. (Email me if you’re interested in guest posting about lifestyle, beauty, or mental health).

If you don’t want to miss the tea while its piping hot, become a Love Worthy Warrior. The monthly newsletter will have members only content on mostly well-being, entrepreneurship, or travel, and we will form smaller communities with topics that resonate with you!

I will stick to my content calendar!

I’ve set my 2019 business goals for content, traffic, engagement, monetization, productivity, design, and tech. It’s one thing to set up your content calendar. It’s another thing entirely to actually implement the strategy and schedule your posts.

I’ve been learning from Ell Duclos, boss blogger and Pinterest extraordinaire, how to increase my blog post shares through Tweetdeck and Tailwind. It’s been a huge load off my day to schedule my content ahead of time. Again, I’ve only been scheduling one day at a time to not overwhelm myself, but I’m striving to reach two weeks in advance.

Embrace being uncomfortable

As my yogic guide Adriene would say, I need to “get comfortable in the stillness.” Let’s start with fifteen minutes a day shall we? I think it’s more than reasonable to allow myself some me time in the 15 out of the 1,440 minutes that I’m gifted each day.

I commit to practicing meditation every day to help reduce stress.

Nothing stresses me out more than existing. No, I’m serious. Introverts do you read me? Pre-planning helps to calm the wave of anxiety when in an unfamiliar space. Does anyone else stress themselves out thinking about what they’re going to say and if they may say the wrong thing? No, it’s just me? ok. I called someone the incorrect name at an event and obsessed over it for the rest of the evening. The gag is, she didn’t even notice.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, but do plan for the big things.

I try to stay ready, so I don’t have to get ready. I prepare questions to ask attendees and presenters throughout the night, and yet I still get tongue tied introducing myself. I’m a huge apps girl, so I heavily rely on the Evernote app to quickly access my questions and remind myself of where I am on my shot list. Even choices like posting on Instagram’s Instastory in the moment or waiting to create a recap video using the Quik app are all pre-planned days in advance.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” rings through my brain daily.

I’m ready to change my existence and live a life worthy of achieving everything I’ve been placed on this material world to accomplish. Are you? I commit to co-creating our own table, so that we can hold the door open for our sisters, daughters, and friends fighting for their piece of happiness and independence.

Every quarter we’ll discuss what worked and what didn’t, along with a new set of goals and tips on productivity. 2019 is here, and I want to consistently provide you with only the content you really want to see. I would really appreciate any and all feedback below to keep my site current and relevant to your interests.

Bonus goal: Stop comparing yourself to others. It only keeps you four steps behind instead of six steps ahead.

Let your voice be heard.

  1. Can you commit to showing up for your SMART goals?

  2. Do you have your daily routine written down?

  3. How do you keep yourself motivated week after week?

Enjoying your stay? Stick around for another read or two…


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