ASW + Toki + Four Roses ... Oh My!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Super Bowl of whiskey sampling events. Whiskies of the World has been gracing Atlanta with its annual event since 2013. The Westin Buckhead hosted the luxurious expo in its fifth year, and rang the alarm for Atlanta's  dapper whiskey novices and connoisseurs.


A bountiful buffet of sandwiches and two pasta stations, thanks to the chefs at the Westin Buckhead, provided plenty of nibbles and sweets to keep tummies full while sipping our way through whiskey heaven. The evening was highlighted by masterclasses on how to smoke cigars with smooth draws, cigar and whiskey pairings, and blind taste testings. It was a great opportunity to interact with and gain knowledge from the faces behind global and local whiskey brands.


Featuring over 200 distinct whiskies from the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Ireland, and Scotland, I highly recommend this event for whiskey newbies and aficionados alike. I saw some old local favorites like ASW Distillery (Atlanta) and Lazy Guy Distillery (Kennesaw), discovered a new local Dalton Distillery (Dalton), and fell in love with Sunctory Whiskey Toki (Japan). 


For my non-whiskey drinkers, I would recommend Cooper's Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It's from the same family as Jack Daniel's, and it would be great for punching up an Arnold Palmer, lemonade, or fruity punch for your next fête. The light flavor had a very smooth finish with a little spice. 


I would also recommend Brenne Whisky. It smelled like sweet blueberries, and was just as delicious. (*Disclaimer: I LOVE blueberries! So much so, that it's one of those ingredients that I must have if it's incorporated into a cocktail). It was so smooth that I would suggest trying it neat, on the rocks with a splash of soda water, or on the rocks with gingerale. 

For my Jack Honey, Fireball, & Crown Royal connoisseurs, I would suggest sipping TazaRay or Suntory Whisky Toki as alternatives (You can read more about why I suggested those two  brands here). 


If you've been sipping the dark stuff for some time like me, you may have your go-to spirit that has served you for years over. I love events like Whiskies of the World because they allow me to discover new flavor profiles and brands that I would otherwise not even have known existed. I'm so glad that I attended this year because I was able to discover 10 whiskies for this complacent bourbon drinker. 


Overall, this event ranks high on the must attend events for 2018. Almost everyone drank responsibly and didn't embarrass themselves (If you watched my Insta-story that night, you know what I'm talking about). There was plenty of food and water to keep sippers from tipping over the edge prematurely. Vendors were very kind, knowledgeable and willing to answer as many questions that you may have had. Atlanta was fun, but I'll be marking my calendar to try WOW in a different city next year. 

What unique spirits have you discovered recently?