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"Empowering Women to live authentically."

     Bianca Worthy, Founder of Forever Eye Love Atlanta

 Bianca Worthy, Founder of Forever Eye Love Atlanta


Forever Eye Love Atlanta is an LGBTQIA-welcoming lifestyle website that was founded by Bianca Worthy in June 2017. FELA was created for Millennials seeking adventure and practicing social and environmental awareness. FELA is dedicated to building bridges between the LGBTQ+ community and the travel industry. Bianca has contributed to The Atlanta Voice and Arrivedo.com, and covers local events as press. 

Growing up traveling with family and living in Atlanta for the past 12 years, incited a dream to create Inspiring Projects that empower a community of Seekers and entrepreneurs to explore and contribute to urban culture.

Bianca  traveled outside of the U.S. for the first time at 15 years old, and has been consumed by wanderlust ever since. She loves the exchange of cultures, spontaneous adventures, & exploring the novelty of a new city. celebrating a birthday in Toronto encouraged her to leap outside of her comfort zone to live authentically worthy for the rest of her days.

Forever Eye Love Atlanta shares our stories, photos, thoughts, and tips on self-care, wellness, and travel through safe, thoughtful, and sustainable ways! 

Fail towards A worthy purpose!

please know that if you're reading this, we are eternally grateful! We are honored that you've chosen to follow along with us on this journey and hope that you leave with something that encourages, entertains, and helps you through this thing called life. 


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable within our community, and say hi so that we can get to know you as well! Tag #ExploreAdventurously on Instagram to have your post(s) featured on the site!