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Now that I’m 30, I hold my breath almost every day waiting for something to visibly show that I’m aging. It’s scary, but I will not give in to ageism. Ageism is BS, and 30 is not old. I look at older women like Wendy Williams (I’m a HUGE fan), Angela Bassett, Christie Brinkley, Iris Apfel, and Jane Fonda in awe and adoration of how they have kept it juicy in their prime. No, your twenties are not your prime darling. The best is yet to come!

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Welcome to the neighborhood Vernacular! We're very glad to have you. If Madewell & Anthropologie had a baby, it would be Vernacular. Described as "East Coast classic with a West Coast vibe" the affordable boutique has a wide range of options that they source from private designers.